Ordinary Girl

Don’t let the title fool you. I am far from an ordinary girl. I am literally a walking contradiction. I am insecure but confident. I am strong but I am weak. I despise emotions but I am full of them.  I’ve been told on many occasions that I’m loud and talk too much, but I am the happiest in calm and peaceful moments.  I love to critique, constructively of course, but I LOATHE being criticized. It’s something I’m working on.  I am creative and inventive but I mostly just create destruction and invent chaos.  I have lists of what I would change but I would never want to be anyone else.

Confused? Yeah so am I. But the one thing I love more than anything in this world is to wander. To move to new places. To meet new people with different points of view. To explore the nooks and crannies of this world. To learn new languages. To adventure. This is what I’m successful at, where my passions lie. At twenty-two, the adventure that I call my life, brought me to live in 5 cities in 3 different states, and even a different country on a different continent. My life is full ups and downs. Luckily, in all the ups and downs I have learned a lot. From which I have gained an excess of information and knowledge on how to wander this world and be somewhat successful. If you are entertained or intrigued by any of these ideas or if you are interested in living a life of a wanderer go ahead and stick around. You’ll have a few laughs (I hope), probably a few “what the fuck?” moments and you may even learn a few things. 




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