DIY: Happiness


“It is never easy reaching for dreams, but those who reach walk in stardust”

“Reach for the stars, they belong to you”

These two quotes sit at the head of my bed. Framed with moons and stars. I have had them for as long as I can remember. They were given to me by my mother, who taught me from an early age that anything is possible. I believe the only limits that exist are the ones you create for yourself. I am constantly creating limits for myself on things I do not think I can acheive. Whether its a especially arduous task or I don’t have the money. I always have an excuse. Unless I have made a decision. The stubborn side of me peeks out there. 

I have made my share of mistake in my life. I am far from perfect. I am easily distracted. Completing tasks is definitely not my forte. Starting tasks, however, is kinda my thing. But that’s for another day. My worst nightmare is waking up one day, forty-five years old, completely clueless. Clueless on who I’ve become, how I got here or who I even am in the first place. There is one thing I want more than anything in the whole world. My own happiness. Not happiness that comes from another person, a different place or a new thing. A type of happiness that exudes out of my every pore. A happiness that is mine, a happiness that no one can steal from me. 

This seems to me to be an impossible feat. But I am determined to make it happen. That’s one of the reasons I’ve created this blog. Not only for you but also for me. Writing calms my mind and brings me serenity. When my mind is spinning in circles writing brings it back to the center. As long as I live I will always reach for the stars. I may fall short. I may go in the wrong direction. Despite if I fail I will still be among the stardust. I will never give up on creating my own happiness.

L.O.L.A (Lots of Love Always)

Your wanderer.


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