The way you make me feel 

The way you make me feel is unlike anything I’ve felt before. First, it starts with just a look and that little half smirk of yours. That playful glint in your eyes makes my soul smile . Then your arm snakes around my waist and pulls me close, making me never want to leave your side.  Now you pull me close and kiss my forehead and warmness spreads over my whole body. We laugh, we joke, we talk. Talk about everything under the sun and moon .  You open my door and there’s that smirk again and that playful look in your eye returns.  and this is just the beginning of how you make me feel. Your kiss is a whole other story. As soon as your lips touch mine, fireworks explode in my body and it quenches a thirst I didn’t even know I had. Its like I can’t breathe and you are my oxygen. And in that moment, nothing seems comparable to you. But when you leave. Oh when you leave. My soul instantly feels like it’s lost something great, that half of it has suddenly vanished. I lose my oxygen. I lose my light. I manage to breathe on my own but without you, my soul barely smiles. It’s had you and it nothing ever quite suffices. My soul is like a boomarang no matter how far it goes, it will always come back to you. 

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